Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Zentangle Meetups in December

Hey Friends,

It's time for us to get together to work on our tangles. While I'm not scheduling any classes at the moment, I am going to be hosting a couple of regular Zentangle Meetups. Basically, I'll be there working on my own Zentangle practice, I hope that you'll show up and we can work on it together. I'll be happy to share the newest tangles, along with the steps to any other tangles you would like to learn.

You'll need to bring your own supplies, just paper and pen/pencil.

Who: You and a friend!
Where: Granger Commons (The Eatery Cafe) 630 E. University Drive, Granger, IN 46530
When: Tuesday, December 2, 10am and Sunday, December 7, 3pm

The Tuesday meeting will be weekly form the very beginning (we'll skip December 23). I'll be happy to schedule more Sundays if there is interest.

Now is the time to order your Zentangle items for holiday gift giving. You can order directly from Zentangle Headquarters if you like or you can order through me. If there are items you would like me to deliver to you at a Meetup, just let me know at least a week before the Meetup date.

I highly recommend the Zentangle Kit as a great place to begin for anyone who wants to learn a relaxing, fun way to create beautiful art all their own.

I sincerely hope I'll see you at one of the Meetup events in December. If you can let me know you'll be there that would be great, otherwise just show up!

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