Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tangle Pattern of the Week - Knightsbridge

So I'll just go ahead and say it. At it's very basic, the pattern called Knightsbridge looks like a checkerboard. And if you wanted to draw a checkerboard, you get get there by using the steps to draw Knightsbridge. But Knightsbridge can be oh, so much more. 

Knightsbridge is a grid pattern that I regularly teach in beginner classes since it is a really great place to start. As you can see in the two tiles above, once you start using curved and wavy lines, the look of your drawing loses it's "checkerboard" appearance and can begin to become much more 

Above is Knightsbridge as part of a beginning class tile. And below is a black tile with white Gelly Roll pen.

As always, there are so, so, so many ways to draw Knightsbridge, so here's your link to my Knightsbridge search on Pinterest.

One of the best things about drawing Knightsbridge is all of the coloring in you get to do! I'm telling you friends, coloring stuff in is one of God's gifts to anxious people. Any time you're having trouble quieting your mind, just draw some shapes and color them in. Take deep breaths, focus on the coloring, and allow your mind to quiet. I promise you. This works.

As far as tools go, I've been drawing my tangles recently using an 03 micron pen rather than the 01 micron because I prefer thicker lines in my drawings. Once it's time to color in spaces, I switch to an 05 micron to fill in a little more quickly and so that my 03 doesn't run out of ink as quickly. 

I really would love to see your drawings with Knightsbridge. Please share your links in the comments if you wish. Links can be to blog posts or instagram, flickr, etc. Also, it can be a new or older post. All's fair in pattern of the week sharing. 

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